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18th August, 2020

Working on another group of Victrix Naked Fanatics. This it’s for a client who wants them finished as Britons with light tattooing…

Been a VEEERRRYYY long time since attempted to paint tattoo on figures, but happy with these.

I wanted them to be visible, but not ‘screamingly’ bright and overpowering.

13th August, 2020

The first group of Victrix Naked Fanatics finished apart from shields and basing…

6th August, 2020

Got some of the Gauls finished for my Infamy, Infamy! force…

All Victrix figures, Gallic Cavalry as my Noble Cavalry, Gallic Warriors with hands and slings from the Victrix Balearic Slingers set.

The Chariot is finished as a mount for my Scottii Warlord for my Dux Brit force. By this time chariots had long since stopped being used in warfare, but were still used as a ‘prestige’ transport by some…

Now working on a group of 10 Ambaxtoi armoured warriors, a group of 6 Naked Fanatics and another 3 Gallic Cavalrymen to go with the existing three.

22nd July, 2020

My favourite rule-writers, Too Fat Lardies, have recently released their latest offering – Infamy, Infamy!

This is a set of rules for large scale skirmishes set in the period 60BCE – 100CE, the post Marian reforms Ceasarian and Early Imperial Roman Armies, using about 50 – 60 figures per side.

As always with Too Fat Lardies (TFL) games, the emphasis is on the ‘friction’ of war, the command and control of your troops rather than merely letting two opposing lines crash into each other.

The initial release covers the campaigns in the west – Gaul, Britain, the Rhine, with later releases travelling to the Punic Wars and the eastern campaigns against the Dacians and Parthians…

I am therefore offering a 25% discount on commissions for II forces placed before the end of August 2020.

I am also offering specific Victrix units, in accordance with the II lists.  Again these will be at a 25% discount on the painting cost until end of August.

These unit prices include purchase of required figures & transfers and painting but exclude basing or P+P.

Typical Victrix Unit prices:

Gallic Noble Cavalry (6) £55.00

Gallic Ambaxtoi Noble Warriors (10) £55.00

Gallic Warriors (10) £55.00

Tribal Slingers (6) £35.00

Gauls / Aquitani Force:

Mounted Warlord

2 x Noble Cavalry

Leader, Status II

1 x Ambaxtoi Noble Warriors

2 x Warriors

1 x Tribal Slingers



EIR Legionaries (8) £45.00

EIR Auxiliaries (8) £45.00

EIR Aux Cavalry (6) £55.00

16th June, 2020

I’ve been working on something a little different of late…

When I was a teenager and all my friends were modelling aircraft, I was heavily into tank models – remember the old Airfix, Hasegawa and Matchbox kits? 1/72 & 1/76 scales. I built and converted a LOT of them!

I haven’t done much over that past 40 odd years in this line but recently dug out a Rubicon Models 1/56 scale kit of the diminutive Jagdpanzer 38(t), commonly referred to as the ‘Hetzer’.

Manufactured in ABS plastic, this is a very well detailed kit, good enough to suit the modellers as well as robust enough for us heavy-handed wargamers!

The kit went together well, although due to the nature of the material normal polystyrene glue is not suitable, we need to use something like ‘Plastic Magic’.

I decided to finish this vehicle as a crew applied tri-colour camouflage scheme with a bit of weathering and wear & tear.

This vehicle has been in the thick of the fighting I think as it already has a replacement mantlet and now the new one has taken a direct hit, fortunately not penetrating.

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