Painting and Flag Services

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28mm Figure Painting

Painted to a good wargaming tabletop standard, based on my philosophy of the figure representing a man viewed at 200m distance.

This is the same standard I use on my own models.

Foot figure: £4.99 each

Mounted figure: £7.99 each

Discounts available on bulk commissions.

Please e-mail me to discuss extras e.g. ‘complex’ colour schemes such as camouflage patterns, Hussars, basing or assembly.

15mm Figure Painting

Please e-mail me to discuss as I do prefer to paint 28mm but will paint some 15mm figures.

Foot figure: £2.99 each

Mounted figure: £3.99 each

Vehicles & Buildings

Please e-mail me to discuss, as these will be individually priced.


Please note that I do not paint soft plastics!

Flag Design

I can design and print custom flags, whether for historical or fantasy forces.

If you require flags for a period I am not familiar with I will ask you for some reference images.

All flags are printed on textured paper and come with full instructions.

28mm Flags

£5.00 each

15mm Flags, £5.00 for two

I have used this technique for over ten years and all my own flags are still retaining their shape.

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